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British born and Canadian raised, Nicholas Kendall is the force behind Orca Productions Inc. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, and the London International Film School in England, he founded the company in 1978 with his partner Keet Neville.

An internationally award-winning filmmaker, Nicholas Kendall’s feature film credits include GOOSE!, a family movie for Voice Pictures and Alliance Atlantis starring Chevy Chase, Joan Plowright, Tom Arnold and James Purefoy; MR. RICE’S SECRET, a family movie for New City Films and Equinox Films starring David Bowie and Bill Switzer; KAYLA, a family movie for Télé-Action and Taurus Film starring Henry Czerny, Tod Fennel and Meredith Henderson; and CADILLAC GIRLS for Cineplex Odeon and Saban International starring Gregory Harrison, Adam Beach, Jennifer Dale and Mia Kirshner.

Nicholas directed the television movie pilot for CAITLIN’S WAY (Fireworks/Tom Lynch Company) for Nickelodeon and Family Channel, and has also directed episodes of MYTHQUEST, BEYOND BELIEF, JUST DEAL, CAITLIN’S WAY, MENTORS, THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY, MADISON, LIBERTY STREET, NEON RIDER, BLACK STALLION, INSIDE STORIES, FAMILY PICTURES, DANGER BAY and BEACHCOMBERS.

His documentary credits include THE LOST PHARAOH, an award-winning television special shot on location in Egypt; and RAPE: FACE TO FACE (which won both a CPB award for Best Social Documentary and an Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University Award for excellence in broadcast journalism).

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Feature Films


Director Alliance Atlantis / Park Entertainment
Mr. Rice's Secret Director Equinox/Panorama
Kayla Director/Producer

Film Tonic/Taurus Films

Cadillac Girls Director/Producer AllianceAtlantis/IMX/SabanInternational
Made for TV Movies
Caitlin's Way Director Lynch Entertainment/Nickleodeon/YTV











Myth Quest
Director CBS/PBS/TiMe Inc./Minds Eye
Beyond Belief Director Fox Network/Dick Clark Productions
Just Deal Director Lynch Entertainment/NBC
Mentors Director Family Channel/Minds Eye
Caitlin's Way Director Lynch Entertainment/Nickleodeon/YTV
New Addam's Family Director Fox Family Channel/YTV
Beast Wars Director Alliance/Mainframe
Madison Director CTV/Forefront
Reboot Director ABC/Alliance/YTV
Liberty Street Director CBC/Epitome Pictures
Kidzone Director Knowledge Network
Neon Rider Director AVR/Global/YTV
Black Stallion Director Alliance/Family Channel/YTV
Baby Pinksky(Inside Stories) Director/Producer CBC/Northern Lights Entertainment
Danger Bay Director CBC/Disney
Paper Route(Family Pictures) Director/Producer CBC/Northern Lights Entertainment
Beachcombers Director CBC

Weird Homes Director Life Network
Weird Wheels Director Life Network
Nature Walk II & III Director Life Network
Ribbons of Steel Director Life Network
Hi Tech Culture Director Discovery Channel
Rape: Face to Face Director KCTS/PBS
The Lost Pharoh Director CBC/NBC
First Harvest Director Aga Khan Foundation
The Valley in Transitions Director Aga Khan Foundation
The Watchers Director CBC
This Land Director CBC
Do it with Joy Director CBC/PBS/Independent
On to the Bay Director Independent/TV Ontario
Bill and John Director CBC/Independent

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